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Autor: Claas Fischer
Illustration: Brian Kolodziejski
Verlag: SimplyFun

Dies ist die amerikanische Ausgabe des Spieles Essence. Sie ist über den SimplyFun Webshop erhältlich.

A game of social interaction and self discovery

This is the american edition of the game Essence.

Find out more about yourself and those around you by guessing how others think you will rank various activities, values and traits in this game that helps build social relationships!

for 2-7 players, age 12 & up
duration: 25 min

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The Game Includes:
1 Preference Board
100 Trait Cards
100 Value Cards
60 Activity Cards
49 Voting Cards
27 Question Cards
7 Voting Instruction Cards
7 Player Number Pawns
7 Plastic Holders
24 Plastic Tokens
1 Token Tray
1 Rules Booklet

Größe 23 × 28,5 × 8 cm